Tully River Rafting

Take part in a Full Day of Tully River Rafting for an action-packed experience! Raft through the beautiful Tully Gorge, surrounded by World Heritage rainforest. Overcome grade 3 and 4 rapids for a truly thrilling experience!

The Mighty Tully

After WWII, North Queensland needed access to more electricity. With this in mind, the Tully River was the perfect place for hydroelectric power. The Koombooloomba Dam construction began in the 1950s. Along with two independent hydroelectric generating units. With water releases scheduled from the dam, as a result rapids are always there. This means you can go White Water Rafting all year round!

Multiple groups of rafts in a calm section of the river with rainforest lining either side of the banks
Catch your breath between rapids and enjoy the Scenery

This rainforest river cuts through the canyon, and its churning waters rush over and around massive granite rocks. So in between rapids, make sure you take in the towering trees, climbing palms, and dense rainforest that has dominated this area for a thousand years. You will also get the chance for a rock climb, and boulder leap into the river.


The Tully River is famous for being one of the top ten rivers for White Water Rafting. For this reason, the Tully River got to host the 2019 World Rafting Championships. With over 45 rapids roaring down through the gorgeous rainforest gorge. This world-class river is certainly the best place to go Rafting! The Tully River offers grade 4-5 rapids, so you will certainly be in for a thrilling ride! By all means, this rafting tour definitely checks all the boxes for those looking for the ultimate Australian rafting adventure.

Being a seasonal tour, check out the alternative Tully River Rafting tour here.

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Tully Rafting Cairns Tours

No chance of staying dry on this tour!

Tully River Rafting (10am-10pm) - ex Cairns

Full Day Rafting on the Tully River with transfers to and from Cairns



Mission Beach Pick Up and return to Cairns City


Rapids don't always go down!

Tully River Rafting (10am-10pm) - ex Mission Beach

Full Day Rafting on the Tully River with transfers to and from Mission Beach.



Gumboot | Self-drive

Self-drive to Gumboot - meet Corner Hort and Butler Streets, Tully at 12:55