Cape York Luxury 9 Day Tour

If you are looking for a small group of like-minded people for the journey of a lifetime. Stepping aboard this Cape York Luxury 9 day 4WD Cape York Safari will be unforgettable.

This luxury wilderness safari from Cairns to Cape York allows you to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the Cape York region. The tropical landscapes are among the most stunning in the world.

You will marvel at the remoteness and untamed wilderness of this part of Australia. Captivating everyone with its richness in Aboriginal Culture and Australian Pioneering history, amazing wildlife, and adventure.

Explore the extensive wetlands which are among the largest, richest and most diverse in Australia. Travel across flat flowing rivers and creeks, swim in crystal clear streams and spend time at secluded beaches.

Take in the Torres Strait culture and history on your guided tour around Thursday Island. Be part of the trek to the most northerly tip of Australia.

The Climate on Cape York is Tropical and Monsoonal with a heavy monsoon season from November to April. Therefore, Cape York Luxury Tours are operated during the Dry season from May to October.

To tour Cape York by plane and 4WD in just one day, click HERE

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Cape York Luxury 9 Day Tour Tours

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